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Welcome to Avantika Medex Pvt. Ltd – Enhancing lives through high-quality healthcare backed by science and technology. 

Avantika Medex Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of pharmaceuticals and medicines. Its inception was driven by the value of providing accessible, safe, effective, and affordable health care to people across the globe.

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I want to start this message by thanking all of our devoted clients, doctors, other medical professionals, experts, and team members who have worked together to make Avantika Medex Pvt. Ltd.'s vision a reality. Through commitment, quality, research, and development, we hope to succeed. 

We have responsibilities to society in addition to our pursuit of success. We support a number of social causes, including health and education for all segments of society. We are committed to creating an impressive body of work. We continue to work toward a bright future in generics and over-the-counter (OTC) products as we prioritize patient needs, uphold compliance, efficiency, and safety, and offer cost-effective products to patients and society at large.

We are committed to enhancing health and strengthening people's well-being and are constantly expanding our healthcare solutions portfolio. This commitment reinforces our corporate strategy and directs our operational choices. We take action wherever our knowledge and expertise can produce better results, and this includes our commitment to enhance healthcare, act responsibly, nurture the potential of our employees, and participate in the communities in which we reside.

I am extremely happy with what Avantika Medex Pvt. Ltd.'s employees have achieved. We continue to impact the healthcare decisions of billions of people around the world because of our unwavering dedication to operating a responsible and ethical business.

We are also proud to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of Mr. Nurmamat, who has been an integral part of our team since 2007. Mr. Nurmamat's hard work, dedication, and expertise have been instrumental in our organization's success. He has played a key role in establishing and maintaining relationships with medical representatives, doctors, and distributors, which has helped us to expand our reach and increase our sales. His knowledge of the industry and his ability to build strong connections have been invaluable in our growth and success. His role has been critical in ensuring that our brand is well-known and one of the most trusted throughout Uzbekistan. We sincerely appreciate all of his effort and commitment to our cause.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in providing accessible healthcare and pharmaceutical exports through exceptional and cost-effective products.

Our Mission

We aspire to be recognized as a globally acclaimed pharmaceutical company by helping people live healthy lives each day.

Our Goals

Our primary focus is on accomplishing our key objectives, which include boosting growth, lowering risk, and enhancing our long-term financial performance. The following goals have been set to enable the above intentions;
  • Develop a diversified global business to build financial stability.
  • Deliver more valuable products to enhance people’s health.
  • Simplify the business strategy and act ethically.

Commitments & Values

Our commitment is in line with our strategic priorities and seeks to address unmet needs in global health. We provide an annual report on how we followed through on this commitment. We are proud to have inculcated these values in our company culture;
  • Integrity - To be honest, and responsible at each step to build trust among our customers, shareholders, and the public
  • Ethics - To be disciplined in our actions and follow the right path
  • Commitment - To be devoted to providing safe, effective, affordable, and accessible healthcare services
  • Honesty - To be truthful in our work and comply with the required processes and regulations
  • Innovation - To constantly develop new and unique healthcare solutions
  • Accountability - To take full responsibility for our actions and strive to deliver the best healthcare services through pharmaceutical exports

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Avantika Medex

Avantika Medex Pvt. Ltd was established in 2007 by Mr.Lal Babu Singh and Mrs.Vibha Rani Singh. We are a pioneer in the manufacture, export, and wholesaling of pharmaceuticals with more than a decade’s experience.


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