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Founder & Director

Mr. Lal Babu Singh

Mr. Lal Babu Singh is the founder of Avantika Medex Pvt. Ltd. He is a dynamic, disciplined, and multi-faceted first-generation entrepreneur. His personality in addition to his immense knowledge and experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing has helped Avantika Medex carve out a distinctive place for itself in the manufacture, export, and wholesaling of pharmaceutical products.

He is a mechanical engineer by qualification, who started his journey with medical sales and distribution in Ukraine, out of his passion for pharmaceuticals. Avantika Medex was conceived and founded thanks to his ingenuity. He has supported the company with his precise strategy and creative mindset. He has created a niche for himself as one of the largest suppliers of medicine in Uzbekistan by volume thanks to his non-negotiable commitment to providing unparalleled service.

Founder & Director

Managing Director

Managing Director

Mrs. Vibha Rani Singh

Mrs. Vibha Rani Singh is a visionary, driven, and successful woman who is enthusiastic about excellence. She achieved great success in her career as a prosperous scriptwriter and editor with a reputable TV network before joining Avantika Medex. 

Mrs. Vibha Rani Singh is an avid reader and a fervent supporter of Gandhi’s philosophy. She is in charge of all Avantika Medex operations at the company’s Ahmedabad headquarters and has 15 years of extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


Our Vision Our Mission Goals Commitments & Values

To be a global leader in providing accessible healthcare and pharmaceutical exports through exceptional and cost-effective products.


We aspire to be recognized as a globally acclaimed pharmaceutical company by helping people live healthy lives each day.


Our primary focus is on accomplishing our key objectives, which include boosting growth, lowering risk, and enhancing our long-term financial performance.

The following goals have been set to enable the above intentions:

  • Develop a diversified global business to build financial stability.
  • Deliver more valuable products to enhance people’s health.
  • Simplify the business strategy and act ethically.


Our commitment is in line with our strategic priorities and seeks to address unmet needs in global health. We provide an annual report on how we followed through on this commitment.

We are proud to have inculcated these values in our company culture:

  • Integrity - to be honest, and responsible at each step to build trust among our customers, shareholders, and the public
  • Ethics - to be disciplined in our actions and follow the right path
  • Commitment - to be devoted to providing safe, effective, affordable, and accessible healthcare services
  • Honesty - to be truthful in our work and comply with the required processes and regulations
  • Innovation - to constantly develop new and unique healthcare solutions
  • Accountability - to take full responsibility for our actions and strive to deliver the best healthcare services through pharmaceutical exports


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Avantika Medex

Avantika Medex Pvt. Ltd was established in 2007 by Mr.Lal Babu Singh and Mrs.Vibha Rani Singh. We are a pioneer in the manufacture, export, and wholesaling of pharmaceuticals with more than a decade’s experience.


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